My name is Jessica and I am a young entrepreneur born and raised in Montreal, now living in Toronto.


From a very young age, I always knew I wanted to be my own boss and be creative with what I do. I am passionate of art, fashion, languages and all things pink!


In 2009, I decided to organize my very first fashion show in Montreal to promote the young fashion design graduates of Lasalle College.

Organizing events has always been something I am strong at and this particular one was a great achievement and a success!


In 2010, I did my Masters degree in fashion marketing in Paris. Coming from a French family, I had to take advantage of my French passport to study abroad and explore one of the most creative and beautiful cities in the world. Upon my return to Canada, I started to get curious about the PR industry and landed an internship in a boutique agency in Montreal. That experience led me to more business opportunities and as of today, I have been able to work with some amazing PR firms and their clients in Montreal and Toronto. I now have 6+ years of experience as a PR consultant in the fashion, lifestyle, food, sports, banking and real estate fields. 


In 2013, at age 23, I launched a brand in collaboration with my mother. The Corinne Campenio line offers high-end artistic furniture pieces and decorative pillows. I always dreamed of having my own brand and this was the perfect opportunity as my mother is the artist and I am able to manage and promote her beautiful creations. Family is very important to me and being able to also work with the most important person to me is great! I also recently launched Corinne Campenio's sister brand, C.C Artstyle. A beautiful artistic fashion accessory line, showcasing our unique prints and themes. 


Being a young entrepreneur is incredibly fun but also difficult and demanding. However, the experience I am able to obtain everyday is incomparable. I wear all the hats, from being in charge of the PR, to organizing the logistics for tradeshows to even being a photographer for a day. Today, I am 27 years old and still in love with what I do!  I invite you to click the JH Designs Inc. section to know more about the different brands I manage. 



  • When I don’t have to work, I still do! (Work is an overrated word. I love what I do. It’s my passion so I consider it having fun, not working).


  • I am very curious about learning new things and new skills and I am now at an intermediate level on Photoshop! Self-teaching and video tutorials are the best ways to learn quickly and rely on yourself when you need something done.


  • I am determined, motivated and I rarely take no for an answer.


  • I do not enjoy flying. Airplanes scare me. Strangely enough, my best friend is a flight attendant! 




I look forward to getting to know you as well!


Jessica H. 



© 2018 by Jessica Hofman

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