I founded Jessica Hofman Designs Inc. in 2013. My company manages Corinne Campenio, a furniture brand.

While working in public relations, I developed a passion for management and promoting clients and their products

to the best of my abilities. However, I was curious about developing a start-up from A to Z. I wanted to create my own project

and learn every step to make a brand successful and unique.


My mother, Corinne Campenio is a French artist. Younger, she was a ballerina. She then for a long time created beautiful potteries.

But most of all, she’s always been passionate about home décor and has decorated all the family homes with unique taste!


When she asked me what I thought about her idea of creating artistic furniture and accessories, I decided this was my chance

to start a brand! With my mother’s creative ideas and my experience in marketing and business, it was a perfect match!

She is my inspiration and the artistic creator behind these one-0f-a-kind themes. And here I am, leading my first company ever! 

What exactly is the Corinne Campenio brand?


As the artist behind the brand, Corinne Campenio takes her own original photographs that are transformed into themes and applied on elegant

furniture ranging from Louis XVI to more modern styles, as well as decorative pillows. Most themes created, come from inspirations, travels, a walk on the beach or a weakness for shoes, always with that French touch! The Corinne Campenio pieces are poetic and luxurious but most of all, they are statement pieces that reinforce a décor identity and bring originality to a home.


The ultimate goal in creating this brand is to inspire people to dream and travel through the beautiful pictures we provide on our chairs and pillows. We want our customers to appreciate the colours, patterns and artistic research behind each unique theme.


In 2016, we created an exclusive and limited edition collection for the HomeSense stores across Canada. 

I invite you to visit www.corinnecampenio.com for more information!

© 2018 by Jessica Hofman

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